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“Individuals can win medals, but it takes a team to win championship.”

“There is no such thing as a self-made brand because innovation thrives on teamwork.”

Our Vision

We’re on a journey to make education easily accessible. As a self book publishing house, AG Publishing House has established success by evolving a unique character of originality specific to publishing. We believe, that building cordial relationships with authors and readers is key to the success of a publishing house.

Following this, we employ industry-leading tools and technology to deal with heavy-weight challenges including, the ambitions of digital giants and the merging of distribution channels. Our team is equipped to effectively handle all the aspects of a book, whether it’s conceptualizing the cover design and inside layout or imprinting a knowledge-enhancing artwork eventually leading to the publication and distribution.

“Zeal to grow is all you need… Come to us, we will make your dream a reality…”

Writing takes time, publishing with us doesn’t.

Self Book Publishing House
Self Book Publishing House

Our Mission

Being a renowned self book publishing house, our mission is to serve a wide range of readers by facilitating them with outstanding knowledge and appealing content. We deeply value the pursuit of knowledge and strive to nurture a society in which habitual reading is celebrated.

Whether it’s the unfolding of new trends in reading habits with the emergence of new platforms for advertising and promotions, or the ever-expanding space of digital entertainment. Considering the competitive landscape the team at AG Publishing House cultivates an innovative spirit in supporting authors to reach a wider audience.

In addition to meeting all of your publishing requirements, our professional and reliable team will also assist authors in creating practical goals and schedules with a realistic budget.

AG Publishing House

Who We Are

Self book publishing house

We are AG Publishing House, an industry-renowned self book publishing house that helps aspiring writers and authors promulgate their books with cutting-edge publishing services. The foundation of AG Publishing House was laid on 2013 located in Bhopal in the heart of India.

Since our inception, we have been known for our industry-leading publishing speed with 20,000+ satisfied customer and listed books. Wearing many jewels of collaboration with profound writers in our publication’s crown. We as a publication, leverage multiple platforms efficiently to publish books, in turn allowing authors to access a broader market within a reasonable price.

The consistency of quality and efficacy in our product is recognized worldwide. Due to this, we command a significant footprint in the field as a self book publishing house.

Our commitments

The expert editors, designers, and publishers at AG Publishing House work devotedly with authors to ensure that each book published achieves the utmost quality before it’s out in the marketplace. We offer two distinctive editing services, standard and premium, empowering authors with the choice of depth or efficiency.

The eye-pleasing and alluring book covers crafted by our designers also reiterate our commitment to the authors by captivating readers and simultaneously expressing the narrator’s essence.

We prioritize transparency and accessibility in all aspects of publishing. Tailored to their preferences and budget, authors can choose between a variety of packages. Standing on years of experience in every facet of book publishing, as a self book publishing house we emphasize the client’s preferences and work diligently towards their maximum satisfaction. AG Publishing House is committed to the growth of authors by enabling them to reach their dream audience.

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