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Recent Trends in Humanities, Literature, Sociology and Psychology (Volume 2)

Literature has always played a significant role in world history because it is an effective means of self-expression that mirrors the values, beliefs, and customs of any given civilization or culture. It has experienced several shifts from its original function as an accessory to its current role as the “basic sine qua non” of full existence. Literature has thrived because it has the power to enlighten and entice its readers by keeping their attention. At the same time that technology has allowed huge swaths of the public to gain knowledge of past events and current affairs, it has also encouraged individuals to explore their own creativity via the reading of a wide variety of books. The field of psychology encompasses a vast amount of study. It’s not uncommon for psychologists to find employment in academic settings. Some of them work in health care. Some of them engage in what plenty of people would call biological research. Many psychologists specialize in the development of apps or user interfaces for scientific instruments. That’s only the beginning of a long list. There is a wide range of perspectives in the field of psychology as well you will get to know in this book. Despite the fact that this is not an exhaustive rundown of recent developments, it should serve as a useful introduction to the shifting landscape of psychology. There are a few common misconceptions floating around concerning the field of psychology nowadays. Today, more than ever, sociology is a vital resource for students interested in the human condition. A number of changes in lifestyle and social dynamics have resulted from current societal tendencies. Understanding the effects of contemporary trends on social life is crucial for sociologists who want to stay up with the times

Edited By

  • Dr. Rahul Ratnakar Mahamuni
    Assistant Professor, Department of Environmental Science, S.B.E.S. College of Science,
    Aurangabad affiliated to Dr. Babasaheb Marathwada University, Aurangabad, Maharashtra.
  • Dr. Grishma Khobragade
    Head, Department of English, B. K.Birla College, (Autonomous), Kalyan Dist. Thane.
  • Thakur Poornima
    Assistant Professor and Head of Department of Humanities and Sciences, Aurora’s Scientific and
    Technological Institute, Hyderabad.



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