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The idea behind

The intention behind the introduction of the service ‘Publish a book chapter’ as the extension of our existing services like Publish My Book is our belief and support for the existence of excellence even in a minor form. By offering this service we intend to make sure that the talent and experience hidden inside our authors, should get a platform to share their knowledge and wisdom with the world.

All you need to know

Publishing a book chapter is a unique approach to encourage authors, who specialize in a particular area of a particular field. We believe that their contribution as a chapter will improve the knowledge quotient of that book. According to our policy authors will get a choice to publish their chapter in a specific book, of which titles are already listed on this page below.

Steps to publish my book chapter

Step 1: fill out PUBLISH MY BOOK inquiry form.

Firstly carefully fill out the inquiry form named PUBLISH MY BOOK which can be found on the Home page, with this little effort, we will be informed that you are interested in our services.

Step 2: Give us a short time to contact you.

Through the phone number or email filled out in the form, our publishing consultant will contact you to inquire about the details for chapter publishing.

Step 3: Choose a title for your chapter to be printed.

During the consultation with our expert, you will get some choices of different available titles for publishing your chapter in the book.

Step 4:Read the author's guidelines carefully and fill in the copyright form

To make the process of the chapter publishing smooth, we advise our author to carefully read the author guidelines and fill out the copyright form as instructed by our consultant.

Step 5: It’s time to relax and our team will take care of everything.

Must read before you say publish my book

Under this document, we share the official guidelines with theauthors who are excited to publish their book or a chapter with us, so there will be no to minimum chances of error or conflict during the service process. Improving their experience with hassle-free publishing.

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This is our copyright right form which is required to be filled by the author for future claiming of copyright, It is intended to enable the respective author to claim the copyright of their work protecting his/her intellectual property.

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Titles published recently

Here are the some sample book titles recently  published, if you are looking forward to publish a chapter or the whole book contact us, we are delighted to help you.


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