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Editing & value addition

Editing & Proofreading services (BASIC)

Proofreading is correcting grammatical errors in a text. Our basic Editing & Proofreading services entail the identification and correction of grammatical faults in a script.

Our team of experienced editors will precisely scrutinize your manuscript, offering feedback for enhancing the language, punctuation, spelling, and sentence structure. This Proofreading  services does not cover plagiarism checking, rewriting of phrases, or analysis of storyline. Only one revision round is offered.

Editing & Proofreading services (ADVANCED)

Here, other than fixing the grammatical errors like in basic proofreading services, our expert editors will ensure smooth readability along with suggestions to improve the story embedded. It also includes sentence rewriting and plot verification.

In this Proofreading  services, we will perform a dual reading for accuracy, analyzing your manuscript’s general layout, and necessary framework rearrangement with line editing for a better form of the content.

Professional typing

Professional typing is an integral part of our Proofreading  services. We believe in typing stories in an expressive and captivating manner with the goal of every book finding its potential audience. This service does not include Proofreading services for typed manuscripts.

Basic Typing: 30 INR per page for English, 40 INR per page for Hindi. (For general text without mathematical equations or tables)

Advanced Typing: 50 INR per page for English, 60 INR per page for Hindi. (Academic books with mathematical equations or tables).


The creation of a diagram and flow chart for your book is necessary to make it more informative and appealing at the same time, resulting in enhanced readability for readers. We offer this service as an add-on in our proofreading services
Pricing: 200 INR per item

Images are at the base of creativity and information in your books, under this add-on in our proofreading services royalty-free images can be added to your content at a minimum cost.
Pricing:  100 INR per item

Plagiarism Check

The presence of copied content in your writing diminishes your trustworthiness. Therefore, our proofreading services team conduct a plagiarism check before publishing the final document. For this, we have collaborated with a leading plagiarism-checking service provider to ensure credibility in content. Our Proofreading services team will examine your script for plagiarism parallelly highlighting concerned content.

Pricing: 250 INR for 100 pages for Plagiarism check, 500 INR for 200 and above pages for Plagiarism check.

Copyright Registration

Copyright registration is crucial in the case of legal disputes or plagiarism. It provides the copyright owner with a verifiable record of the date and content of their work from an official government source. In our proofreading services, we offer our assistance during the application process for copyright registration, including submission to the Registrar of Copyright of the Government of India. A certificate will be issued after the verification by the Registrar of Copyright.

Pricing:  8000 INR is our facilitation fee


National Online Distribution

Your paperback/hardcover book will be available for sale on India’s leading ecommerce  websites.

Pricing: 3000 INR  Without Print-on-Demand (PoD), you have to send us the printed copies to our warehouse at Bhopal.

Pricing: 6000 INR With Print-on-Demand (PoD) & Inventory Management, we will manage inventory of your books and your book will be printed on demand as and when required.

02. Prime Placement

Prime-enabled books will be shipped directly from Amazon’s warehouse leading to a quicker delivery. Amazon Prime Placement enables free shipping for Amazon’s Prime subscribers. We will manage a stock of printed books, which will be available at Amazon’s warehouse for 3 months from the date of publishing for a rapid dispatch service.

Pricing: Our exclusive price for this service is 5000 INR only.

Global Distribution

In our Global Distribution service package, we will make your paperback book available for sale on Amazon’s store in United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Spain and Japan, which will enable the sale and delivery of your book in 120+ countries. Global distribution is currently supported for English language paperback only. Please note that, eBooks are always sold globally.

Pricing: Our global distribution will cost you 5000 INR only.

InGram Distribution

Ingram is one of the largest book distributors in the world. They specialize in making books from leading publishers available to over 30,000 stores and libraries across 150+ countries. You can leverage our tie-up with Ingram to make your book available for sale globally. Your book will be available in paperback format with either a full-color or full black and white interior, irrespective of its format in India.

Pricing: To make your book global, we charge 8000 INR only.


You can select any image (from or or background color and we will design your book cover based on it. You can also send your own design or photo to be included in the cover design and 1 round of revision is allowed.

For Premium cover design, we will design taking inputs from your manuscript and you. You can suggest changes and customization will be done. You can also send your own design or photo to be included in the cover design.

Do you need an illustration for your cover page or interior content? Our team of experienced designers can create the illustration best suited for your book.

Proofreading Services


Proofreading Services
Proofreading Services
Proofreading Services
Proofreading Services
Proofreading Services

Author Website – Basic

An author website is an excellent platform to engage with your potential readers. It also helps in building your brand as an author. Basic author website will have author profile and list of books with their respective store links.

Author Website – Premium

You can sell your books directly from your website and maximize your profits from book sales. We will manage everything from payment to delivery of orders received on your website. Currently domestic shipping is only available.

Book Reviews

Book Reviews helps in encouraging your potential readers to buy your book. We will arrange a campaign to give access of your book to some of genuine book lovers, who will read and analyze your book eventually writing a honest review on their blog or on ecommerce websites.

Facebook Marketing

Creation of a Facebook fan page along with a custom designed cover image is the first step in Facebook marketing. We will run promotions to reach to your potential readers. Promotional credits for 2 weeks is included in the price and you can purchase additional credits too.

Sponsored Ads and are the largest ecommerce websites of India and with the help of sponsored ads you can boost the visibility of your book on these platforms. We will create and manage campaigns for you and provide reports on a regular basis. Our management fee is 20% of total spend.

Online PR

PR is a powerful tool to promote your work to the masses around the world. Our exclusive online promotion services will enables your work to get coverage and promotion through various mediums like leading online news portals. We will draft press release and on 20+ online PR websites.


Fraudulent offers and claims are usually received via email, text messages, phone calls, or any where on the internet. These offers and claims are misleading and invalid, we strongly advise our clients to take caution and refuse such offers. Especially, in case of any payment is demanded.

Kindly, Contact us only on the mentioned company’s official contact numbers for any queries.

Numbers: +91-7089366889, +91-9981933344, +91-9981511155, +91-9981933372, +91-9981841943

We request you to make payments only to our company’s official bank account.

In case, the client makes any payment to another bank account that will not be accepted by us, also AGPH will not be responsible for the repercussions.

Please note; that Academic Guru Publishing House is not legally responsible for any claims, losses, or inconveniences caused by such fraudulent activities.

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