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This section FAQ on book publishing is designed to cater all of your probable questions. Get more clarity about the whole process of publication by this section of FAQ on book publishing.

Why am i being charged for book publishing?

We charge authors for providing various professional services for making the manuscript print-ready (such as book interior design, cover design, editing), marketing, and distribution services. We take responsibility for inventory management and order fulfillment and the author is not charged for these services.

How is Royalty Paid?

Our mechanism for royalty payment  is very simple and crisp. For your convenience we credit royalty once every 3 months or when the amount reaches the minimum value of 5000 INR. Sales reports will be sent to the authors via mail or he/she can confirm the status of their royalty amount via mail whenever required.


Our team is as effective as this FAQ on book publishing. Although we are working intensively to get your book published, our estimate is around 2 months to get your book published.


E-commerce websites usually charge up to 50% of MRP on the books sold through them.

What is the minimum number of pages required to form a book?

50 pages is the minimum requirement for your book to get published.

What is Minimum Selling Price?

Minimum Selling Price is calculated taking into account printing and distribution costs. You can set the Selling Price (MRP) of your book to either equal to or higher than this amount.

How do I set the Selling Price (MRP) of my book?

Set MRP as anything higher than the Minimum Selling Price. Type an MRP and click on the calculate button to see how much profit you will make on the sale of a book. This is just an estimate, actual profit per book sale will be calculated in real-time and shared with you transparently.

What is 100% Royalty?

Sharing 100% royalty means that the author gets a 100% profit share on each book sold. Profit is calculated by subtracting expenses (printing cost and distribution cost) from Selling price as Royalty = Selling Price – (Distribution Cost + Printing Cost). The selling price can be equal to or less than the MRP.

How can i order copies of my own book?

You just need to pay the printing cost and shipping costs to get copies of your book. It generally takes 7-10 working days for printing.


Print-on-demand refers to printing copies of your book as per the demand grows.

When do i need to pay for services opted?

We request 50% advance payment for the publishing services opted. The balance of 50% is requested after the book is published.

Where will be my book sold?

Primarily your books will be available for sale at our store and other stores such as Amazon, Flipkart, Kindle or as per the distribution agreement.

Here we come at the end of this FAQ on book publishing section, hope this FAQ on book publishing satisfies all of your questions. Otherwise, contact us in case of further inquiries.


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