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Advances in Cloud Computing Security Techniques and Applications

Cloud computing is a technical and social reality today; at the same time, it is an emerging technology. At this time one can only speculate how the infrastructure for this new paradigm will evolve and what applications will migrate to it. The economic, social, ethical, and legal implications of this shift in technology, whereby users rely on services provided by large data centers and store private data and software on systems they do not control, are likely to be significant. In the last several years, many books have been published on cloud computing. Each book has attempted to present some element of the topic for a particular audience. In this book, 15 chapters are written by various researchers. And each chapter reflects the different aspect of cloud computing. It is an edited book and many topics in this book are unique to this book and are based on published information that is both current and timely.

Edited By

  • Dr. Stuti Asthana
    Independent Researcher and Analyst
  • Dr. Rakesh Kumar Bhujade
    Head of the Information Technology Department in Government Polytechnic, Daman
  • Prof. Ghanshyam Prasad Dubey
    Associate Professor, Sagar Institute of Science and Technology, Gandhi Nagar, Bhopal.


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